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Getting There

Biking and Walking directions from the Pepsi Center, to Fishback Landing Park/Meditate 08

Getting the Lay of the Land

Orienting yourself in Denver is easy. Just remember that the Mountains are always to the west. Facing north they’re on your left. Facing south they’re on your right. Fishback Landing Park / Meditate 08 is northwest of the Pepsi Center on the north bank of the Platte River. The park is bordered by the Downtown Aquarium (700 Water Street), the REI Superstore (1416 Platte St.), the Platte River, and Water Street. The site is served by RTD Bus Lines and the Cherry Creek and Platte River Bike Paths.

Time and Distance

Fishback Landing Park/Meditate 08 is approximately ¾ of a mile from the Pepsi Center. That’s less than 5 minutes bike time, or 10 minutes walk time at a leisurely pace.

Walk It

The street directly in front of the Pepsi Center is Chopper Circle. Walk towards downtown on Chopper Circle until you come to Speer Blvd. (about 1 block). Turn left on Speer and walk up the sidewalk (northwest) approximately 6 blocks. Keep going past Elitch Gardens Amusement Park until you come to a green arched bridge that will take you over the Platte River. On the opposite side of the bridge look for a staircase. Go down the staircase and cross Water Street to Fishback Landing Park/Meditate 08.

Bike It

From the Pepsi Center, bike towards Speer Blvd. on Chopper Circle to the traffic light. Cross Speer at the light. On the Northeast corner you will see a wide sidewalk that runs diagonally across an expansive area of green lawn. Ride your bike down that diagonal path approximately 400 ft. until you come to a ramp that takes you down to the bicycle path that runs along Cherry Creek. Merge onto the Cherry Creek Bicycle Path (bearing left). You’re now heading Northwest, roughly in the direction of the mountains. Take the fork up just before you reach the confluence of Cherry Creek and the Platte River. Follow the path to a bridge that crosses the Platte. Turn left at the end of the bridge and pedal an additional 500 ft. to Fishback Landing Park-Meditate 08. Walking Map

Drive It

  • Southbound on I-25:
    Take the 23rd Ave exit, EXIT 211, toward 20th Ave. Turn LEFT, cross over I-25 onto W 23rd Ave. W 23rd Ave. becomes Water St. Fishback Landing Park is just a few steps Northeast of the Aquarium.
  • Northbound on I-25.
    Take the 23rd Ave. exit, EXIT 211 down the ramp to Water St. Fishback Landing Park -Meditate 08 is just a few steps Northeast of the Aquarium.

Park It

A 1000 car parking lot owned by Downtown Aquarium is located across Water Street from the park. Parking costs $6.00 per day. On-street, metered parking is available along Water Street. A limited number of free parking spaces for presenters, Meditate 08 staff and persons with disabilities will be provided in the lot at Fishback Landing Park.

Bus It

Bus service to the park has been suspended during the DNC and will not be available.
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